Coastal flood in United Kingdom, 1953

Event details

ID 1503
Country United Kingdom
Year 1953
Start date 1953-01-31
End date 1953-02-01
Flood source North Sea
Event Type Coastal
Area Flooded (km^2) 647
Fatalities 307
Persons affected 96000
Regions affected (v2010) UKE12, UKE13, UKF30, UKH13, UKH14, UKH31, UKH32, UKH33, UKJ41, UKJ42
Regions affected (v2010) [Regions names] East Riding of Yorkshire, North and North East Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Southend-on-Sea, Thurrock, Essex CC, Medway, Kent CC
Losses (nominal value) 45000000
Losses (original currency) Pound Ster
Losses (mln EUR, 2020) 1463
Cause Storm surge up to 2.5 m
Notes 32,000 evactuated, 1200 dike breaches
References: Barredo (2007)
RMS (2003)
Lumbroso and Vinet (2011)
Baxter (2005)

Regions affected