Coastal flood in Netherlands, 1953

Event details

ID 1017
Country Netherlands
Year 1953
Start date 1953-01-31
End date 1953-02-01
Flood source North Sea
Event Type Coastal
Area Flooded (km^2) 2000
Fatalities 1835
Persons affected 188000
Regions affected (v2010) NL339, NL33A, NL341, NL342, NL411
Regions affected (v2010) [Regions names] Groot-Rijnmond, Zuidoost-Zuid-Holland, Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen, Overig Zeeland, West-Noord-Brabant
Losses (nominal value) 1300000000
Losses (original currency) Netherland
Losses (mln EUR, 2020) 5436
Cause Storm surge up to 3 m
References: CRED (2023)
Barredo (2007)
Jak and Kok (2000)
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Regions affected