Flash flood in Italy, 1954

Event details

ID 670
Country Italy
Year 1954
Start date 1954-10-25
End date 1954-10-26
Flood source Bonea; Cavaiola
Event Type Flash
Area Flooded (km^2) 7
Fatalities 322
Persons affected 10000
Regions affected (v2010) ITF35
Regions affected (v2010) [Regions names] Salerno
Losses (nominal value) 10000000000
Losses (original currency) Italian Li
Losses (mln EUR, 2020) 196
Cause Extreme rainfall up to 320 mm in 6 h
Notes Flood caused by landslides blocking flow and then releasing it; 45b ITL losses also quoted
References: Barredo (2007)
Wikipedia (2017h)
CNR (2023)

Regions affected