Historical Analysis of Natural Hazards in Europe

Floods with impact data (1870-2020)

Floods without impact data (1950-2020)

Modelled potential floods (1950-2020)


Historical Analysis of Natural Hazards in Europe

Understanding and quantifying the influence of climate change on past extreme weather impacts is vital for adaptation and mitigation of natural hazards. However, the rapid evolution of the social and economic circumstances in which the extreme events occur requires quantifying the evolution of exposure and vulnerability to natural hazards. HANZE (Historical Analysis of Natural HaZards in Europe) database aims at a multifactor decomposition of historical impacts of natural hazards.

The database currently includes a multi-source, well-curated dataset of historical flood impacts (1870-2020) and a high-resolution gridded exposure to natural hazards (land use, population, GDP and fixed assets) over the same time period. A supplementary catalogue of historical floods without impact data and a large catalogue modelled potential impacts since 1950 is also available. More datasets will be posted on this webpage during 2024 as further research phases are completed.



The database is currently being expanded under DFG-funded project “Decomposition of flood losses by environmental and economic drivers” (FloodDrivers) at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research


Location and impact data on more than 2500 flood events in Europe from 1870 to 2020, based on compilation, cross-checking and homogenization of more than 800 data sources.

Model reanalysis

Extensive modelling chain reconstructs almost 15,000 potential floods in Europe between 1950 and 2020.

European historical analysis

HANZE covers 42 European countries and focuses on years 1950–2020, but historical impact and exposure data extend back to 1870.


Population, land use, GDP and fixed asset value estimates for Europe at 100 m resolution from 1870 to 2020.

Impact attribution

Attribution of more than 1500 historical floods to a variety of climatic and human drivers will be completed during 2024.

Browsing the flood data

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